How can I customize the theme of my store’s Account Portal?
Learn all about Smartrr's theming customizations.
Navigate to Theming in the left-hand menu.
Live-preview how your customers' account portal will look on your shop.
Under Global Settings, you can currently customize the following elements of your customer account portal:
  • Backgrounds
    • Page background
    • Card background
    • Add-on background
    • Account background (modal)
  • Borders
    • Border color
    • Border width
    • Border radius
  • Buttons
    • Button font color
    • Button font family
    • Button background
    • Button border color
    • Button font size
    • Button border width
    • Button border radius
  • Selectors
    • Selector font color
    • Selector font family
    • Selector font weight
    • Selector font size
    • Selector background
    • Selector border
    • Selector border width
    • Selector border radius
  • Product images
    • Border radius (small image)
    • Border radius (medium image)
    • Border radius (large image)
    • Border radius (largest image)
  • Typography (H1, H2, H3, H4 Body)
    • Font size
    • Font color
    • Font family
    • Font weight
Under Product Settings, you're able to customize product-specific theming settings for your subscription add-ons, if applicable.
We also support an extra level of customization via our CSS Overrides box. See the full list of supported variables here.
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