๐Ÿ“ฌGorgias x Smartrr Integration

Instructions on how to integrate the Smartrr app with Gorgias

To start, navigate to Integrations and locate the Gorgias card. Click Connect.

In the pop-up, enter your Gorgias domain. Click Connect and Create Widget.

Using the Smartrr Widget

The Smartrr widget should appear if the associated customer in Gorgias has a subscription. This widget will allow brands to manage a customerโ€™s subscription without leaving the relevant ticket page in Gorgias. Below is an example of what a full widget will look like:

Smartrr Subscriber Info

At the top of the Smartrr widget, you'll see the following relevant subscriber information:

  • Subscriber name

  • Subscriber email

  • Has logged in

    • TRUE if subscriber has created an account on your site and signed in

    • FALSE if a subscriber has not created an account on your site and signed in

  • Subscriber since

Smartrr Subscription Info

Below the subscriber's customer information, you will see all subscriptions associated with the subscriber and their details:

  • Status


  • Subscription program

  • Subscription plan

  • Next billing date

  • Subscription created

  • Order count

  • Product names

  • Product variants

  • Product quantity

  • Product SKU

  • Product amount

You're able to take the following quick subscription-management actions from within Gorgias:

  • Skip next order

  • Pause

  • Set next billing date

  • Unpause

  • Cancel

Any actions taken from the Smartrr widget will be added to the ticket history in Gorgias, as shown below:

Editing the Widget

You can always customize the data and buttons that appear in the Smartrr widget by clicking the Edit Widgets settings button:

You'll be taken to a page where you can configure which buttons and information displays:

Manual Integration

Use the below instructions in the event the above instructions do not work. First, go to Gorgias > Your Profile > Integrations > HTTP Integration > Add New Integration. Fill out the information asked. When asked for URL, enter:


You'll have to add a header called x-smartrr-access-token. This is the access token you generated back in the Smartrr app in the Integrations tab.

Now that your integration has been set up and your widget has been created, return to Gorgias and create a sample ticket. Click on the gear in the upper right hand corner to edit the widget settings.

Scroll down the widget view until you locate Smartrr Integration under HTTP data. Drag over any data that you would like to see to the widget sidebar.โ€‹


Triggers are currently activated by Gorgias only. Every time one of the actions listed in this section (Ticket created, Ticket updated, Ticket message created) is performed, it will send a request to the Smartrr app to pull data from our API.

Custom Actions

Gorgias allows for users to create buttons (custom actions) in the widget. To create a custom action for Smartrr, head over to the Widget Editor in Gorgias.

Note: Smartrr will automatically create some predefined buttons for you if the integration was done through via the Integrations tab in the Smartrr app. Due to some limitations, actions generated by Smartrr will only apply to the most recent subscriptions of a customer.

Once youโ€™re in the widget editor, click Add Button.

A request window will open. From there, you're able to add custom actions on your end.

Include the same header and token you used to create the integration.

Most Smartrr actions require the PUT method and the URL will look similar to the one below:


Notes: 42404 in the above URL is the integration ID which is unique to every integration. You can find in the URL on Gorgias' integrationโ€™s page. data[0] and sts[0] refer to the subscription that you want to modify. 0 would be the most recent subscription and incrementing it by 1 will go back one subscription. The double brackets in the URL signify a macro variable in Gorgias which you can learn more about here.

To get a list of all actions available to you, you can visit Smartrrโ€™s API documentation here.

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