How can I set which actions my customers can take on their subscriptions in their account portal?

Learn about Subscription Management (custom functionality) within your Smartrr Customer Account Portal.
Under Theming > Advanced Settings, you are able to define define which actions you want your customer to be able to take when managing their subscriptions in the customer account portal.
The following options are turned ON by default:
  • Next order actions
    • Send now
    • Skip
    • Gift
    • Swap
    • Delay
    • Edit address
  • Manage subscription actions
    • Edit frequency
    • Set next date
    • Edit address
    • Edit payment
    • Pause
    • Cancel
Note: Customers must always be allowed to cancel their subscription if they like, so this option is required to remain ON. Interested in gaining zero-party data on why your customers try and cancel their subscription? Learn about our Retention features.
Unchecking possible actions will hide these options in the applicable "Next order" and "Manage subscription" modals that appear when a customer goes to manage their next order or their overall subscription, respectively.