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Blueprint x Smartrr Integration

The Blueprint x Smartrr integration allows customers to manage their subscriptions via SMS.
Smartrr's integration with Blueprint works by sending automated SMS for upcoming subscriptions, subscription confirmation, and post-order check-ins. These messages can be used for the following use cases:
  • Welcoming new subscribers
  • Letting a subscriber know when their next shipment is upcoming
  • Allowing customers to SKIP or DELAY via SMS response
  • Resolving issues with delayed shipments or product questions


First, you'll need to generate a unique access token in the Smartrr App for Blueprint. Log into your Smartrr admin and navigate to Integrations. Under the API Keys tab, select Add Key.
We suggest naming your Token Nickname and Application Nickname "Blueprint". Before creating, ensure you change the permissions for Subscriptions, Customers, and Webhooks from Read to Read and Write. Press Create and then copy your newly created key.
In your Blueprint admin, navigate to your Integrations Hub and click Smartrr Subscriptions.
Paste your copied key from the Smartrr Admin into the field labeled Smartrr Access Token. Click Test connection and wait for the green tick to appear. Next, click Activate to complete integration setup.

SMS Subscription Management

To set up some of the use cases discussed at the beginning of this article, navigate to the Automatics section of your Blueprint admin. Toggle live (or create) the relevant subscription automations.
Note: By default, Smartrr sends upcoming subscription charge messages 3 days before the upcoming charge. Currently, this time frame can't be change.
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