Postscript x Smartrr Integration

Instructions on how to set up SMS subscription management with Smartrr's native Postscript integration.


📲 Note: Smartrr does not currently act as a service to gather SMS subscribers. For this integration, we are assuming that your customers are already subscribed via Postscript. For instructions on how to gather Postscript subscribers, click here. You may also need to be on a Postscript plan that allows integrations. Please contact your Postscript representative directly should you have questions on upgrading your plan.
To integrate Postscript and Smartrr, first create a security key pair from your Postscript dashboard under Settings > API.
Once created, show and copy your Private Key to your clipboard. Paste this key in your Smartrr admin under Integrations.
Click Confirm. Once saved, your integration setup is complete!

Postscript Triggers

The Smartrr x Postscript integration works by sending triggers on a subscriber-level that can be used to create automations inside the Postscript admin based on the below events.
In green we've outlined some example copy for SMS automations that your shop could create using these triggers.
Jump to the section below to learn how to set up automations in Postscript using Smartrr triggers.
Potential SMS Example
🆕 Subscription Created
Sent whenever a new subscription is created
Hi {first_name}, thanks for your subscription! Manage your subscription by creating an account here: {account_page_link}
🔁 Upcoming Order
Sent 3 days before upcoming order, customer provided option to skip
Heads up: your upcoming subscription will ship in 3 days. Not quite ready? Just reply SKIP
⏭ Skipped Order
Sent when a customer skips after receiving the upcoming order notification
Confirmed! Your upcoming subscription will be skipped. Your next order will be on {new_delivery_date}
💳 Payment Method Updated
Sent whenever a customer successfully updates their payment method
Hi {first_name}, your payment method has been successfully updated!
❗️Payment Method Failed
Sent whenever a payment method for an upcoming order has failed
Your recent payment wasn't completed. To update your payment method, click here: {account_page_link}
❌ Customer Deactivated
Sent when when a customer's last subscription has been canceled
We're reaching out to confirm your subscription has been canceled. We're sorry to see you go.

Postscript Automations

To create an automation in Postscript navigate to Automations under Messaging.
Note: For Smartrr's integration, please use Legacy Automations.
Click Create Automation. Be sure to choose the Legacy option.
Select Custom Automation.
Select any of the triggers that begin with Smartrr: to proceed.
You're now ready to add your desired SMS copy and set a wait period. You can set a wait time as low as 1 minute.
To add dynamic tags to your SMS automation, click More and Add Tags. The default tags scoped to Postscript include shop_name, first_name, last_name and shop_link. To add Smartrr-specific dynamic tags, reference the below table for tags associated with each trigger:
Associated Tags
🆕 Subscription Created
🔁 Upcoming Order
⏭ Skipped Order
💳 Payment Method Updated
❗️Payment Method Failed
❌ Customer Deactivated
Tip: Make sure you save your automation and that it's enabled by sure the Active toggle is flipped to green.
Reminder: in the United States, automation "waking hours" are from 11AM to 9PM.

Customer Keyword Responses

Your customers can use specific keywords to trigger certain actions on their subscription.


Skips customer's next scheduled subscription order.
Example of "SKIP" response.
To set up a prompt for the customer to SKIP, set up a legacy automation with the automation trigger: Smartrr: Upcoming Order.
{shop_name}: Heads up: your upcoming subscription from {shop_name} will ship in 3 days. Not quite ready? Just reply SKIP. To manage your subscription go to {account_page_link}
To set up a response to SKIP, set up a second legacy automation in response to the trigger: Smartrr: Order Skipped.
{shop_name}: Confirmed! Your upcoming subscription will be skipped. Your next order will be on {new_delivery_date}. To manage your subscription go to {account_page_link}


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    Where can I track Smartrr messages in Postscript? You can view your message analytics in your Postscript dashboard under Analytics > Messages. You can also view direct customer responses to automated messages in Messaging > Responses.

🕒 Coming soon...

The below features will be coming soon to the Smartrr x Postscript integration:
  • Text DELAY to delay a subscription
  • Ability to pull in dynamic Shopify customer data into SMS