🦁Loyalty Lion x Smartrr Integration

Let your customers use discount rewards generated in Loyalty Lion on subscriptions powered by Smartrr.

How it works

LoyaltyLion platform creates loyalty programs that go beyond points and rewards, driving greater customer lifetime value and cost-effective acquisition through better customer relationships.

Together, Smartrr makes use of the subscription discount vouchers found in LoyaltyLion so all of your customers can take advantage of your loyalty program, wherever they are in your subscription stages.

You can create vouchers for:

  • Initial subscriptions

  • Active subscriptions

  • Discount codes for multiple subscription orders

  • and more…


Loyalty Lion discount codes work natively with Smartrr, so there's no need for API keys. Simply start by logging into your Loyalty Lion account.

Click on the tab that says Manage.

On the left, find Activity rules and click Create new reward.

Click on Discount.

Choose to set a discount to work on either one-time purchases, subscription purchases, or both depending on your brand's strategy. You can also choose whether this discount will apply to only the first payment, multiple recurring payments, or all recurring payments. Click save.

Subscription codes created from this Discount Reward can then be used on all subscriptions powered by Smartrr.

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