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Will updating product prices in Shopify reflect in Smartrr?

If you change the price of a subscription product in Shopify, the old price is grandfathered for existing customers.


If product prices are changed in Shopify and a customer has an active subscription with that product, the original price the customer paid will stay as is for the term of that subscription.
Brands on 📈 Grow and
Excel plans can contact their CSMs for assistance to adjust pricing on live customer subscriptions. We recommend customers should be notified by email about this change for full transparency.

Additional Information

When using Smartrr, all prices are pulled from the Shopify admin:
Pricing changes do not reflect on a live customer subscription, although new customers will see products at the new price.
If a customer were to cancel their subscription, or remove a product with the old price, and re-added it, it would then adjust to the new current price.