🟩Shopify Flow x Smartrr Integration

Connect to enable Shopify Flow triggers and actions from Smartrr and automate tasks and processes within your store.

Last updated: April 13, 2024

Shopify Flow is an app built by Shopify that empowers you to build custom automations that help you run your business more efficiently. Flow is only available to customers on Shopify's Advanced or Shopify Plus plan. Learn more about Shopify Flow here.

Integration Setup

If you are a shop on Shopify's Advanced or Plus plan, make sure you have downloaded Shopify Flow app from Shopify's App Store.

Next, navigate to Integrations in your Smartrr admin under CONFIGURATION. Find the block for Shopify Flow and press Connect. Your connection will automatically be enabled.

Integration Triggers & Actions

The following are available as triggers/actions from Smartrr from within Shopify Flow:


Subscription upcoming order


A customer has an upcoming subscription order in {X} days

Subscription transaction attempt failed


A customer's order has failed during your shop's Billing Time

Subscription transaction successful


A customer's order has successfully been run during your shop's Billing Time

Subscription unskipped


A customer or admin has unskipped an upcoming order

Subscription skipped


A customer or admin has skipped an upcoming order

Subscription next order date change


A customer or admin has changed the next order date for an upcoming order

Subscription send now


A customer or admin has hit Send Now on their next subscription order in their account portal

Subscription gifted


A customer has gifted an upcoming order

Subscription created


A customer has purchased a brand new subscription from your shop

Subscription canceled


A customer or admin has permanently canceled a customer's recurring subscription

Subscription activated (unpaused)


A customer or admin has re-activated a paused subscription

Subscription paused


A customer or admin has temporarily paused a customer's recurring subscription

Skip next order


Skip the next subscription order*

*Noteβ€”if using "Skip next order" as an action, you'll need to add the variable for the subscription ID:

Setting up a Flow

To set up a flow, open Shopify Flow from within Apps in your Shopify admin. Click Create workflow.

From Installed App Triggers, you will see Smartrr in the sidebar. Click to reveal the full list of triggers and actions available to be added as nodes to your workflow.

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