How do I set up rules around failed payments?

We make it easy to have a protocol in place for when a customer’s payment method for their recurring subscription order fails.
Navigate to Transaction Settings under CONFIGURATION in the left-hand menu.
In Smartrr, you're able to define the interval before the transaction is retried and the number of retry attempts. By default, Smartrr will retry failed payments 3 times with a 1 day interval with 1 day in between each failed payment.
Available dropdown options for Time before retrying a failed payment (The amount of time Smartrr should wait after a failed payment attempt before retrying)
If retried payments are still unsuccessful, Smartrr has the ability to auto-cancel the subscription after a certain number of failed payment cycles, or to never automatically cancel the subscription and keep retying the failed payment in perpetuity.
Available dropdown options for Maximum number of failed payment cycles (The number of failed payment attempts before the subscription is auto-canceled)