How do I set up Subscription Programs?

A Subscription Program is the heart of the Smartrr app. Subscription Programs control which products are available for subscription purchase.

What is a Subscription Program?

Subscription Plans, products, and variants are objects within a Subscription Program. You may set up one or multiple Subscription Plans per shop.
Two examples for the same store are provided below:
  • Example 1: You would like to offer a discount for customers who elect to subscribe to your product vs. make a one-time purchase.
  • Example 2: You would like to offer a variety-pack product with only a monthly subscription cadence, but the individual products within the product are available on both a bi-weekly and monthly cadence.
Both above examples are possible to execute within the same storefront by creating multiple Subscription Plans within a Subscription Program.

Creating a Subscription Program

Under Configuration in the left-hand menu, click on Subscription Programs. Click on the button Create program.
Add all required information to your Subscription Program:
  • Storefront label: Title of the Subscription Program on your product page, ex. “Subscribe & Save 10%”
  • Storefront option label: Cadence text to display next to plan selector on your product page, ex. “Subscribe & Save 10%'', “Deliver every”, or “Frequency”. Onsite example:
  • Admin label: Optional—if you would like your Subscription Program to have a different name in your Smartrr app
  • Admin description: Optional—if you would like to add a description to your Subscription Program only viewable in the Shopify admin portal
  • Selection label: Label of the plan frequency selection on the product page, ex. “Every 2 Weeks”. You are able to add multiple selection options. Onsite example:
  • Checkout/Cart label: Label displayed alongside the product once it’s been added to cart and on the checkout page, ex. “Delivered Every 2 Weeks”. Replace with a "{{H}} " to hide this label from customers. Onsite example:
  • Billing Schedule: Indicate the number of intervals between billings as a numerical value (ex. “2”) and the interval type (Days, Weeks, Months, or Years)
  • Prepaid Delivery Schedule: If applicable, indicate the number of intervals between billings as a numerical value (ex. “2”) and the interval type will set automatically based on the interval type in above billing schedule
  • Anchor: Optional—a day on which billing interval calculations should be made. Learn more about anchor dates and why you might use them here
  • Plan Discount Type: If offering a discount incentive for your subscription offering, you can indicate that here as either a fixed discount, percentage, or discounted price. You can also opt to change the discount percentage after a certain number of subscription orders.
Once all required information has been completed, click Save.
Warning: To ensure the best experience for your customers, we don’t recommend adding or deleting products or variants from a Subscription Program once it’s set up and active in your store. Only delete a product from a Subscription Program if there are no active subscriptions associated with the Subscription Program.
If you change a discount in a Subscription Plan, the discount will only go into effect for new subscriptions created. The discount will not be retroactively updated for existing discounts.