🛍️How do I set up subscription discount codes?

Discount codes created in Shopify work with Smartrr subscriptions, so there’s no duplicative work on your end.

Last updated: April 4, 2024

Smartrr uses native Shopify discounts, meaning you can create discount codes as you normally would within your Shopify admin. This also means you won’t find anyplace to create discount codes within the Smartrr app. You can however set automatic discounts (no code required) on recurring subscriptions orders in Subscription Programs.

To create a discount code in Shopify, navigate to Discounts in Shopify’s left-hand menu and follow their instructions for creating discount codes.

Within Shopify, you can specify if you want the discount code to be applied to one-time purchases, subscription purchases, or both. You can also specify if you would like the code to apply to all subscription products, subscription products in a specific collection, or only to specific subscription products.

You are also able to restrict usage of discount codes on subscriptions to be for the first payment only, for X number of payments, or to all recurring subscription payments.

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