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Getting Started

🛎 Implementation

Getting Smartrr on your site, from Shopify to headless themes.

🚀 Onboarding

Everything you need to know about getting started with Smartrr, including basic to white-glove onboarding service-levels.


📇 Subscription Setup

All information on getting a successful subscription program setup on your store.

👩‍💼 Admin Portal

The Admin Portal is where you can view and edit your customer’s subscriptions, adjust your theme settings, view analytics, and more.

📲 Customer Account Portal

The Account Portal is where your customers can view and interact with their subscriptions orders.

💳 Transactions

Understand when subscription transactions occur and how to set up rules around your customers’ subscription billing.

🧬 Integrations

Instructions on how to integrate Smartrr with some of the leading tech-partners in the ecommerce industry.

🧩 Shopify Questions

💻 Developer Documentation


📳 RSS Feed