Shopify x Smartrr Integration

Add tags to Smartrr subscribers and cancelled subscriptions in Shopify.
Use Smartrr's in-app Shopify integration to:
Integration Name
Tag Shopify Customers with Smartrr Subscriptions
Automatically tags subscribers in Shopify with Active Subscriber
Tag Shopify Customers with Cancelled Smartrr Subscriptions
Automatically tags subscribers in Shopify with Cancelled Subscription when one of their subscriptions has been cancelled

Connecting to Shopify

In the Smartrr admin, navigate to Integrations. Find the Shopify card and click Expand to expose all available integrations. Click Connect on the integration you'd like to set up.
A modal will open that will prompt you to authenticate both your Shopify store and your Smartrr account.
Note: When authenticating for Shopify, you may be asked to install the app Alloy - Easy store automation. This automation tool powers the integration and will be required to install for this integration to work.
Once both Shopify and Smartrr accounts have been authenticated, the integration will automatically be ready with no further steps required.
To turn off one of the connected Shopify integrations, press Disconnect.