How can I use webhooks with Smartrr?

Note: In order to connect your receiving application to Smartrr, you will need the webhook url provided by that application. Please refer to that application’s help documentation regarding webhook urls.

What are webhooks?

Webhooks are auatomated messages sent between apps when something happens. They are useful as standalone alerts or to use as triggers for another action. They contain a message – or payload – in the form of a url.

How do you use webhooks in Smartrr?

Within the Smartrr app, navigate to Integrations under CONFIGURATION in the left-hand menu. Click Add Webhook.
You can link your webhooks to any of the following subscription events:
  • Subscription activate
  • Subscription cancel
  • Subscription create
  • Subscription failed payment
  • Subscription gift
  • Subscription pause
  • Subscription send now
  • Subscription next send date
  • Subscription skip
  • Subscription successful payment
  • Subscription un-skip
  • Subscription upcoming order
  • Payment method update
Within the field labeled URL, enter the url of the receiving application, then select which event you’d like your webhook to listen for.