How do customers create an account?

New customers must create an account with your store in order to manage their subscriptions on an ongoing basis.
Although customers will receive emails regarding their subscription with or without a registered account, every customer must register for an account in order to actually manage their subscriptions (skip, gift, cancel, edit shipping & payment details). Within the admin portal, you can check if a customer has created an account on the customer’s subscription detail page. HAS LOGGED IN indicates they have created an account with your store. HAS NOT LOGGED IN indicates the customer still needs to create an account.
Your customers are able to create an account in one of three ways.
  1. 1.
    Your customer can sign up on first subscription purchase
  2. 2.
    Your customer can sign up directly on your website (using the same email as was used for their subscription order)
  3. 3.
    Your customer can sign up via a direct one-time in invite link sent via your Shopify admin

Option 1: Sign Up on First Subscription Purchase

Initially, your customers will have the ability to activate their account when they recieve an email confirmation of their subscription. If this email is being generated by Smartrr, we will include an option for them to register for an account in the body of the email.
We recommend whether you send subscription purchase confirmation emails (via Smartrr or another ESP) or by SMS notification to always include a link to register for an account after first purchase. Be sure to replace [YOUR-SHOPIFY-STORE-URL] with your store's URL.

Option 2: Sign Up Direct on Shop Website

Often times, brands will have an icon that represents their icon portal in their navigation bar or menu, or they will list it out directly as Account.
If a customer is on your website, an account icon like this in the navigation will be the easiest way for them to get to their account page.
If the customer is creating a new account post-subscription purchase, remind them that they should be sure to use the same email address to create their account as they did while placing their subscription order.
To resend a customer a one-time link to create an account, follow Shopify's instrcutions to send individual account invites. Remind your customer to use the same email they used to create their subscription.