How do customers access their Account Portal?

Showing your customer where they can access their account to self-manage their subscriptions.

Accessing the Account Portal

Shoppers can access their Account Portal directly from your Shopify store. Most Shopify themes include a small 'Account' icon near the upper right corner of the screen.
Note: (default Shopify account icon shown below)
Note: If you’ve customized your theme, the account portal icon could appear in a different location.
Shoppers can also access the Account Portal directly using the following link structure: https://[your-shop-domain]
Similarly, if you have connected a custom domain to Shopify, that link can also be used: https://[]/account
For an example, you can visit the Smartrr Snacks Demo store’s account login page here:

What if a Shopper hasn’t Created an Account?

Whenever a subscriber purchases a subscription, they will be sent an email inviting them to create an account to manage their subscription. If they haven’t taken the steps in setting up an account, they can always create an account after the fact by clicking the 'Create Account' link on the login page.
This page can also be reached by directly linking to the following URL structure:

Sending Account Invites via Shopify

You can also send an email reminder to a shopper to register for their account directly from within the Shopify admin customer page: