What is Retention?

Retention features can be used to gain insight on attempted customer cancelations and improve retention over time.


Brands on our Grow and Excel plans have access to a Retention— a feature allows merchants to gain insight on why customers cancel their subscriptions.

Cancellation Reasons

Brands can add up to eight reasons to display in your customers’ account portal alongside a text field for your customers to provide more information. The following reasons show up by default:
Smartrr default cancellation reasons
Product is too expensive
I have more than I need
I need it sooner
I want to try a different product
I don’t love the product
I’m moving and need to change my address
By using the up and down arrows, brands can also reorder how reasons appear in the survey list when customers attempt to cancel from their Customer Account Portal.

Retention Actions

Each cancellation reason can be assigned an optional retention action that will prompt the customer with an additional module before they cancel:
Retention action
Customer will be prompted...
"Would you like to gift your next order to a friend?"
"Would you like to swap an item in your next order?"
Change Date
"Would you like to change the date of your next subscription order?"
"Would you like an additional X% off your next order?"
Frequency Update
"Would you like to edit the frequency of your orders?"
"Would you like to skip your next order?"
Change Address
"Would you like to edit the delivery address for your subscription?"


Prompts, when set to YES, provide an additional box for for the customer to provide more information on why they are trying to cancel. If a customer volunteers information it will appear on hover over the chat icon in the table of retention results.

Retention Table

Brands can see a full breakdown of Cancellation attempts by customer and Cancellation reason summary, or quickly export all data to CSV.