🎁What is Loyalty?

Incentivize your customers to earn and redeem rewards through different shop touchpoints.

Last updated: April 10, 2024.

Loyalty is a feature available to merchants on our πŸ’Ž Excel plan. With Loyalty, you can incentivize all your customers to earn and redeem rewards through different shop touchpointsβ€”including referrals.

While Smartrr's Loyalty feature was built with subscriptions in mind to reward your most loyal, consistent customers and increase retention, you can also make earning points are available to all customers regardless of subscription status:

  • Customers with an active subscription will have reward items automatically applied to their next subscription order.

  • Customers without an active subscription will receive a one-time-use code. This code is unique to their account and can’t be used by others. To use for product-rewards, the customer will add the item to their cart and use the code at checkout. To use for incentive-rewards, the customer will simply apply the code at checkout.

Loyalty encompasses two main features:


Rewards work on a point-based system. There are currently four events where customers can earn points:

  1. Account creation

  2. Transaction (per $ spend)

  3. Bonus earn (every Xth order)

  4. Referrals

πŸ‘€ Customer's don't need to "opt-in" to your rewards program. Your customers will automatically be enrolled when Loyalty is set up for your shop. No extra registration needed.

"Points" can be renamed to be any unit name to make your rewards program unique to your brand.

To set up a rewards program, navigate to Loyalty. Click Get started.

Set Loyalty Availability

By default, loyalty is available to subscribers only. You can change this to "All customers" to allow customers without an active subscription to redeem points for rewards in the form of one-time codes.

Note: You can't change loyalty availability back to Subscribers only if ever change availability to All customers. This action is not reversible.

Define a Loyalty Structure

By default, two events are added to your Loyalty point structure: Account creation (50 points) and Transaction (per $ spend) (1 point). Adjust these events and point values to your shop's preference.

Create a Loyalty Marketplace

Your shop's Loyalty Marketplace is where customers can browse between a combination of products and incentives to redeem their accumulated points for. Your shop can choose to offer only products, incentives, or a combination of both.

  • Products = Redeemable Shopify items selected at a variant-level, added to the customer's next subscription order

  • Incentives = Redeemable fixed amounts or percentages off, added to the customer's next subscription order.

Note: Regardless of the order you add products and incentives in your Smartrr admin portal, redeemable items will always display in lowest > highest sort order in your Customer Account Portal.

🎨 Tip: Incentives are easily styled with a HEX value color in the Smartrr admin. Assigning a color value to an incentive will set that value as the background for the redeemable item in your Customer Account Portal.

Your shop is able to add as many products and incentives to your Loyalty Marketplace as you like.

You also have the flexibility to set a global restriction on the redemption of rewards. With the "Limit to one use per order" option located in Loyalty settings, vendors can ensure that each product or incentive reward can only be redeemed once per subscription order.

Best Practices

When creating products and incentives you can redeem, be mindful of the points scale you create. In general its recommended that you offer incentives (ie. 5% off discount) at lower point balances. Then increase the points necessary for redeeming products with the highest tiered points being offered for core products. Example below:

  • 100 points = 5% off discount incentive

  • 175 points = 10% off discount incentive

  • 500 points = Non-core product

  • 800 points = Core product

Personalize Your Rewards

While points are the default Smartrr reward unit, you have the option to add a custom unit name to make your rewards program unique to your brand:

Additionally, you can add a Loyalty Program Description (up to 150 characters) to give additional context on how your rewards program will work for your shop.

This description will appear when a customer clicks on the "How do I earn points?" question in their Customer Account Portal.

Redemption Process

One Time Purchase

  • Products = To redeem product, click redeem and copy discount code from screen or email. Then add product to cart and apply discount code at checkout.

  • Incentives = To redeem incentive, click redeem and copy discount code from screen or email. Then apply discount code at checkout.


  • Products = To redeem product, click redeem and product will be automatically added to the next subscription order for free.

  • Incentives = To redeem incentive, click redeem and discount code will automatically be applied to the next subscription order.


When enabled, referrals are an easy way to reward your customers with points for sharing your brand with friends and family.

To set up a referral program, navigate to Loyalty. Scroll down to Referral Program. Toggle on.

Give your program a name, description (up to 150 characters), and determine the incentives for both referrer and referee:

  • Referrer (The individual who shares their custom referral code) can only be rewarded in points.

  • Referee (The individual who makes a purchase with a referral link) can be incentivized with either a fixed amount or percentage off their first subscription purchase.

In the Customer Account Portal, referrers can press one button to easy copy their referral code to their clipboard, or they can press one of the social share icons to populate the following text directly to email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, or Whatsapp:

Want {X} off your first subscription order from {shop homepage}? Use my referral code: {discount code}

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