📊What is Advanced Analytics reporting and how do I access it?

Advanced Analytics is Smartrr’s most feature-rich analytics suite, powered by Looker.

Last updated: April 10, 2024

Currently available on Grow and Excel plans, Advanced Analytics provides best-in-class visualization and reporting capabilities for your subscription business, reflecting a real-time look at performance with customizable time frames and aggregation settings to narrow in on relevant data and trends.

To access Advanced Analytics, please navigate to the Advanced Analytics tab in the Smartrr app:

Note: If you don’t see Advanced Analytics in your navigation, please confirm you have access to this feature at your plan level (Currently only available on Grow and Excel plans).

In the upper left of the Advanced Analytics view, you will see options that allow you to configure the Date Range and Aggregation Interval of the report. Aggregation Interval refers to what timeframe the data will be “grouped” by (e.g. customer county by day, month or week).

Just below the Date Range and Aggregation Interval there is a summary of key performance indicators (KPI). The definitions of each of these indicators are visible by hovering over the small ⓘ icon:

Each KPI will be compared to the prior period, so if you have select 90 days, it will compare the most recent 90 days to the 90 day period immediately prior (e.g. January - March compared to October - December).

The rest of the dashboard shows various visualizations of business performance metrics. All data can be exported by clicking the dot menu at the upper right of every dashboard element:

Hovering over any data element will bring up a tooltip showing the underlying data details.

Clicking on any element in a chart legend will hide or show that element in the chart.

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