🔁How do I view and adjust my customers’ subscriptions?

While your customers can edit their subscriptions in their Account Portal, subscriptions can also be managed on their behalf (and in bulk!) within Smartrr.

Last updated: April 10, 2024

Bulk Subscription Management

Navigate to Subscriptions in the left-hand menu.

You can quickly search for the particular subscription you're looking for by the customer’s email address or name.

Check a row to reveal options to quickly manage the subscription, including:

  • Pause subscription(s)

  • Export to CSV

  • Open in new tab

  • Set new order date

  • Cancel subscription(s)

Select all the items on a page by clicking on the checkbox in the header row. To select ALL subscriptions in Smartrr, click on the blue text: Select all 14+ subscriptions.

Before taking any bulk actions like pause or cancel, you will be presented with a confirmation state:

Note: Vendors will be prompted to select a date for the subscription to auto-resume within the next six months.

While a subscription is paused, you won’t be able to add any additional discount codes.

Warning: Canceled subscriptions are always permanently suspended due to Shopify’s rules around re-authorizing payment methods. However, paused subscriptions can always be resumed.

To quickly view the contents of a subscription, hover over the Items row.

Subscription Details Page

To view an individual subscription's details, click on the blue subscription ID number.

You'll then be taken to the subscription's respective subscription details page:

How to pause a customer's subscription

In the Manage subscription dropdown, press Pause subscription.

How to cancel a customer's subscription

In the Manage subscription dropdown, press Cancel subscription.

How to view a customer's raw subscription data

In the Manage subscription dropdown, press View raw subscription contract. This can be helpful if you are working with a developer or a Smartrr Customer Success Manager to troubleshoot a subscription error.

How to skip customer's next order

In the Options dropdown, press Skip.

How to edit a customer's address

In the right pane, press the pencil icon to edit a customer's shipping address.

Note: Unable to save a customer's address because it's missing a phone number? You're seeing this requirement because your Shopify store settings are set to require a phone number for all customer information. To change this setting in Shopify, go to Settings > Checkout and make sure Shipping address and phone number are set to Don't include or Optional.

How to set a customer's next order date

In the Options dropdown, press Set next order date.

How to add items to subscriptions (one-time and recurring)

Press the green Add item button. For one-time add-ons, press One-time item. For adding an item to every recurring subscription order, press Recurring item.

How to bulk update items

Check the items you wish to update. For one item you can Swap and Remove. For multiple items you can only Remove.

How to change a customer's subscription plan

Under Current subscription program, choose a new plan from the dropdown.

Warning: If you are moving a customer to a plan under a different subscription program, ensure that the contents of their subscription are also a part of the new Subscription Program.

How to view/remove a discount code from a subscription

Enter a valid discount code into the Discount code card. Remove it by pressing the X icon next to the code.

Note: Smartrr uses Shopify’s native discount code generator. Create discount codes for your subscriptions within your Shopify admin.

How to leave an internal comment / note within event log

Comments can be used to leave internal reminders about why certain actions have been taken on a subscription order by an admin. These comments can also be pinned to the top of the event log for easy visibility.

How to leave order notes

If you're using a Shopify theme that supports Cart Notes, your shop can utilize this feature to allow customers to include a subscription-specific note that will append to all of their future subscription orders as they are processed in Shopify. This note is both visible and editable from the Subscription Details page in your Smartrr admin.

A few examples of how you can use this feature include:

  1. Letting customers add dietary restrictions

  2. Adding important packing instructions to subscription orders to be picked up by your 3PL

  3. Adding information about you/your pets to better inform contents for subscription mystery boxes

Note: If the Shopify variable for order notes is present in your Shopify order confirmation email, then the note will be visible to your customer when it is processed through Shopify. It would look something like the below:

{% if order.note %}
<p><b>Order notes</b>: {{ note }}</p>
{% endif %}

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