How do I view and adjust my customers’ subscriptions?

While your customers can edit their subscriptions in their Account Portal, subscriptions can also be managed on their behalf (and in bulk!) within Smartrr.

Bulk Subscription Management

Navigate to Subscriptions in the left-hand menu.
You can quickly search for the particular subscription you're looking for by the customer’s email address or name.
Check a row to reveal options to quickly manage the subscription, including:
  • Pause subscription(s)
  • Export to CSV
  • Open in new tab
  • Set new order date
  • Cancel subscription(s)
Select all the items on a page by clicking on the checkbox in the header row. To select ALL subscriptions in Smartrr, click on the blue text: Select all 30+ subscriptions.
Before taking any bulk actions like pause or cancel, you will be presented with a confirmation state:
Note: While a subscription is paused, you won’t be able to add any additional discount codes.
Warning: Canceled subscriptions are always permanently suspended due to Shopify’s rules around re-authorizing payment methods. However, paused subscriptions can always be resumed.
To quickly view the contents of a subscription, hover over the Items row.

Individual Subscription Management

To view an individual subscription's details, click on the blue subscription ID number OR click directly on the table row:

Add/Remove Products

To add a product, click Add Item and select the product and variant (if applicable) you’d like to add from the item list. Fill in the Price and Quantity, when finished click Add selected item variant to subscription.
To remove a product, locate the item you’d like to delete in subscription details and click Delete next to the item, then click Delete again in the pop-up.
Note: To remove an item, there must be at least one other item in the subscription. If there is only one item, you'll only have the option to either pause or cancel the customer’s subscription.

Add/Remove Discount Codes

Note: Smartrr uses Shopify’s native discount code generator. If you already have a discount code created, you can skip to the bottom of this section: Editing a Subscription Discount.
Within Shopify, you can specify if you want the discount code to be applied to one-time purchases, subscription purchases, or both. You can also specify if you would like the code to apply to all subscription products, subscription products in a specific collection, or only to specific subscription products.
You are also able to restrict usage of discount codes on subscriptions to be for the first payment only, for X number of payments, or to all recurring subscription payments.

Editing a Subscription Discount

On a subscription details page, on the right-hand side under Active Discounts you can enter your code into the field and click Apply.

Change Shipping Address

On the right hand side of subscription details under Customer Information, click Edit in the Ship to section. Enter the new shipping address and submit.

Adjust Delivery Date

In the upper right-hand corner of subscription details click Set next order date.
Note: Updating a customer’s order date will also update all future orders associated with the subscription.