How do I view and adjust my customers' information?

Meet the Customer Details page.
An example of a Customer Details page in the Smartrr admin.
The Customer Detail page is an overview page where you can see:
  • Customer name & information
  • Whether the customer has logged into their Customer Account Portal
  • Customer default address
  • Customer payment method
  • Lifetime subscription spend
  • Total subscription orders
  • Event log
  • Customer loyalty inforamtion
View a Customer Details page by locating the customer row you want in the Customers table. Click on the three dots on the right of the row and press View Customer details.

How to erase customer data

If you've received a request from a customer to have their data removed from your store, you've likely already deleted their information in Shopify. However, if this customer was also a subscriber, you'll also want to erase all their data in Smartrr.
At the bottom of the Customer Details page, you'll see an Erase all customer data button.
Note: You won't be able to erase a customer with an active subscription.
Warning: Erasing all customer data is irreversible.
In the Smartrr admin, any records that have been erased will be indicated with CUSTOMER_ERASED.