How do I set up passwordless login?

Brands can create a one time log-in code for customers in lieu of a traditional password.


Passwordless login allows a frictionless login experience for your customers.
Passwordless login feature is available on our 💎 Excel plan.
When passwordless login is enabled, customers will be emailed a one-time six digit code that will allow them to log into their Shopify account without having to remember a password.

Passwordless Login Setup

Step 1: Smartrr Admin

In Smartrr's admin, navigate to Theming in the left-hand menu. Under the Advanced settings tab, you will see a toggle to turn on Passwordless log-in.
Press Save changes and confirm changes will be applied to either your live theme or a duplicate of your current live theme.

Step 2: Shopify Liquid

After passwordless has been toggled on in your Smartrr admin, a liquid file called smartrr-passwordless-login.liquid snippet file will be generated in the Shopify theme you saved to. Please check in the selected theme to see if this file is present.
Next, check the following code has been injected into the theme’s main-login.liquid file or customers/login.liquid file. If this code is not injected, please copy onto line 1 of the file:
// <div id="smartrr_passwordless_form" class="customer login section-{{ }}-padding">
{%- form 'customer_login', novalidate: 'novalidate' -%}
{% render 'smartrr-passwordless-login' %}
{%- endform -%}
Finally, check your shop's account login page to confirm Smartrr's passwordless login page is visible. By default, the page should look like this:
🎨 Want to apply additional styling to your shop's passwordless login page? Use CSS to style at the top of the smartrr-passwordless-login.liquid file.
If you need any assistance in the setup process or additional theming for the login page, please contact us at [email protected].


1. Why do customers still need to enter a password when initially creating an account?

Due to Shopify limitations, customers will still be expected to create a password if they creating a new account with your store. After this, the customer will not be required to use this password again to log in to their account and will be able to log in with a one-time code.

2. Can I revert back to traditional Shopify login from passwordless login?

Yes—under Theming and Advanced, switch the radio option from Passwordless login back to Traditional login.
Note: If you switch back to traditional from passwordless login, all customers will be required to reset their passwords upon next log in.