How do I set up creator upsells?

Add a creator upsell to your customers' Account Portal to feature up to four curated products.


Creator upsells (trending lists) are a type of upsell that can be used to promote between 1-4 products in your customers' Account Portal. Customize heading and body copy to surface these recommendations as being from a particular individual creator or group.
Trending lists can be used to promote between 1-4 items in the Customer Account Portal.

Set Up

Under Subscription Programs, click on the three dots in the menu to reveal Trending Lists.
Once on the Trending List tab, add the following fields:
  • Heading
  • Caption text
  • Image (via URL – Use Shopify's Files feature to upload an asset and copy the link)
  • List discount (optional – the additional discount your customers receive from shopping from this trending list)
  • List products (select between 1-4 products)
💕 Tip: Want to hide/show the heart icon over the image? Toggle the setting "Show heart?"
Once all fields have been entered, make sure to Save changes at the top.
Tip: Want to reorder where the trending list appears on the Customer Account Portal? Use the down/up arrows in Theming > Portal Settings > Sections to reorder.