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How can I edit the copy/language of my store's Account Portal? (Translations)

Smartrr's Translations feature allows your to override the default copy in your shop's Customer Account Portal.
In your Smartrr admin, navigate to Theming > Translations.

Customer Account Portal Language

Use our 1-click translation feature to quickly change all copy in the Customer Account Portal to:
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
When selecting a new language, make sure to save and publish to your preferred theme:


You can use overrides to change one-off instances of text in the customer account portal. For example, you might want to change "Next Order" in your Subscriptions section to say "Upcoming":
Use our Quick Jump tool to find the section you're looking for. Or, use ⌘F to quickly search for the term you're looking for on the Translations page.
Edit text in the Override text field by turning the toggle ON.
Don't worry—your text is cached when you toggle the field OFF/ON:
Once you're done with your overrides, make sure to save and publish to your preferred theme:
Note: There are some copy instances that include variables. These are indicated with a double asterisk (**). We recommend not removing these variables from your overrides. However, if you do accidentally delete, you can always reference the original text in the Original (translated) text field. Example: