How do customers access their Account Portal?
Showing your customer where they can access their account to self-manage their subscriptions.
Note: If your customer did not create an account when they placed their first subscription order or did not already have an account, they will not be able to log in to manage their subscriptions. To resend them a link to create an account, follow Shopify's instrcutions to send individual account invites. Remind your customer to use the same email they used to create their subscription.
Subscription management is hosted on your Shopify customer account page. This means there isn’t a separate subscription portal for users, and all their account information can be found in one place. While each merchant's shop will have a different layout, below are some helpful universal tips to share with customers to help them navigate to their Account Portal.
Often times, brands will have an icon that represents their icon portal in their navigation bar or menu, or they will list it out directly as Account.
If a customer is on your website, an account icon like this in the navigation will be the easiest way for them to get to their account page.
Another great way to link customers to their account is via email and SMS notifications. Within these notifications, you can include a link that will take a customer directly to their account page. Be sure to replace [YOUR-SHOPIFY-STORE-URL] with your Shopify store url:
Info: If this is the first time a customer has ordered from your shop and they do not already have a customer account, they will need to create an account during or post-purchase in order to be able to manage their subscriptions moving forward.
We recommend whether you send subscription purchase confirmation emails or SMS notifications to always include a link to register for an account:
If the customer is creating a new account post-subscription purchase, they should be sure to use the same email address to create the account as they did while placing their subscription order.
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