What is included in the 1% of subscription GMV calculation?

GMV stands for Gross Merchandise Value
Subscription GMV (or Gross Merchandise Value) is defined as the total value of orders processed through the Smartrr platform.
All orders facilitated by Smartrr, whether first subscription orders or automatically created recurring subscription orders are counted in this calculation, including any one-time products that are present in the order (i.e. add-ons). Any orders that include only one-time products are excluded from the Subscription GMV calculation.
Subscription GMV is calculated as the total of all the prices of line items in the order plus the shipping costs and taxes. The line item prices reflect any subscription discounts (e.g. Subscribe & Save 20%), but not any discounts or promotions applied at the cart level (e.g. promo codes).
For orders that are placed in currencies other than USD, Smartrr calculates the USD amount based on the spot rate conversion rate on the day of the order.