How do I change my Smartrr Plan?

From within the Smartrr App, you have the ability to change your plan whether you need to downgrade or upgrade.
Note: If you are currently on our 💎 Excel plan and would like to downgrade, please reach out directly to your Customer Success Manager.
From within the Smartrr app, navigate to Account located under RESOURCES. Once there, you’ll be met with our three account plans: 🚀Launch, 📈Grow, and 💎Excel.
Click Switch to Plan on the new plan you like. If you are currently on Launch, you will only see this option on Grow, and vice versa. You’ll be redirected to Shopify to approve the subscription. Review all information in Shopify then click Approve. You will be billed via Shopify for your new total amount and your account features access (either upgrades or restrictions) will be adjusted automatically in-app.
If at any point you’d like to upgrade to or demo our 💎 Excel plan, please reach out to our sales team.