🧤What is Smartrr’s white-glove onboarding process?

On our ‘Grow’ and ‘Excel’ plans, we’re thrilled to be able to offer our brands a hands-on white-glove onboarding experience that makes branded subscription setup a breeze.

At Smartrr, we’re always working to make our onboarding experience as seamless as possible. Our white-glove onboarding service is ideal for brands who have a custom-built Shopify theme, a Shopify store with a headless CMS, or for stores who do not have access to internal design and development resources.

Go-Live Planning

As the first step, your store will be asked to complete a comprehensive onboarding form. In this form, you’ll be asked to provide information on:

  • Basic company details—including your Shopify store/s url

  • Design—including plans for how you would like subscription offerings to appear on your site

  • Products eligible for subscription

  • Shipping rules for subscription products

  • 3PL logistics and fulfillment options

  • Current payment processor

  • Store languages, currencies, and billing time zones

  • Current subscription offerings (if applicable)

This information will help the Smartrr team prepare for your launch and match you with the best dedicated Client Success Manager for your brand. Our Client Success Managers (CSMs) work with brands on Smartrr both before going live and on an ongoing basis to make sure they’re taking advantage of all that Smartrr has to offer.

Once the onboarded form has been submitted, your dedicated CSM will reach out to schedule a kick-off meeting. In this meeting, your CSM will define timelines, scope of work, and expectations for launching subscriptions with Smartrr. This is also the best time to discuss any unique requests you may have before launch and make sure we can do our best to accommodate requests within scope.

Subscription Setup

With white-glove onboarding, our in-house development team will fully manage the steps needed to install Smartrr, including:

  • Adding relevant code snippets onto your site’s product pages

  • Setting up Subscription Programs

  • Customizing your store’s Account Portal

  • Set up rules around failed customer payments

  • Set up a billing schedule for subscription orders

  • Set up your businesses shipping profiles

Smartrr also allows you to ​​add advanced subscription features to your store—including but not limited to: setting up subscription discounts, offering custom shipping options for subscription orders, and creating anchor dates for your subscriptions. With white-glove onboarding, our team is happy to help advise and implement these additional features that may help your store grow.

For Excel plan clients, our team is able to provide design consultation and implementation services ranging from full implementation of a theme from our pre-built, customizable theme library or implementation of a completely branded design, provided to us by your team via a shared Figma file.

If you indicated in your onboarding form that you currently offer subscription services and need to migrate from another subscription platform, your CSM will schedule a call to go over migration-specific details and steps.

Go-Live & QA

Once setup is complete, we will schedule a ‘Go-Live’ meeting with your team. During your call, we will show you a preview of your Smartrr integration. If additional modifications for your setup are required before you go-live, we will work with our internal team on second-round revisions and finalize a new target go-live date. Our team will accommodate up to two rounds of revisions to implementation and design prior to launch.

When the go-live date is finalized, your CSM will schedule the following action items to take place on go-live day:

  1. Migration (if applicable)

  2. Smartrr push-live

  3. Full site QA

Following these steps, your CSM can schedule an additional Smartrr Orientation call to show your team how to most effectively use Smartrr day-to-day.

Post Going Live with Smartrr

We encourage our clients to meet regularly with their CSMs! We suggest regular meetings to:

  1. Review new feature releases by Smartrr and general product enhancements

  2. Discuss joining beta on any upcoming releases

  3. Having team trainings on Smartrr

Excel clients also have optional monthly business reviews to discuss their subscription performance and potential areas for improvement. Excel clients will also have the option of a dedicated Slack channel to reach their Smartrr team more conveniently!

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